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Premium Land for Sale in Monroe St Elizabeth Jamaica 

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3.9 million JA dollars Per Lot in Monroe

6.7 million JA dollars Per 1/4 acre in Monroe


Land Lots and quarter acres for Sale

We have land and lots for sale in Monroe and Southfield St Elizabeth

The Evans family has owned and developed land in Jamaica since the 18th century honesty and fair play is our policy

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Wonderful views from the land

Welcome to Jamaica Prime Land for sale in Monroe St Elizabeth Jamaica


We offer returnees to Jamaica a gracious way of living in a beautiful and private location in Monroe St Elizabeth situated on ten acres of land 2700 feet above sea level, where the air is fresh and cool, easy access by a excellent road leading from the main shopping centre ,the complex will include new roads for access to your new home, a park area for walks and other activities with wonderful views of the sea and the surrounding towns of St Elizabeth, water and electricity supply, we can arrange if you so wish all the difficult things, your desired building design plans, and submit to parish council, all titles of land are available. The Evans family has owned land in Jamaica since the 18th century ,honesty is our policy, we are not agents we are private sellers.

Prime Land for sale in Southfield St Elizabeth Jamaica

We offer lots and quarter acres the size is up to you, please contact us for more information on the surrounding areas ,neighbours, facilities ,leisure ,and prices.

Development and construcrion


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We have land lots and quarter acres for sale in Monroe and southfield St Elizabeth

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